Can't get a mortgage in the Czech republic?

MOOY will buy you your dream home and you can move in immediately.

Do you want to settle permanently in the Czech republic?
Join the rent to own programme with us.
We will buy the property for you, you will move in immediately, live in the rental property and buy the property from us in the future on pre-determined terms.

We will contact you back, prepare a solution and explain everything to you. No obligation and free of charge.

You can look for your housing. Maybe you have already found one. Together, we will look at your new home and buy the property for you. You can move in and live there right away.

You live in your future home. You pay us agreed rent and prepare to buy the property into your ownership.

Story of a client: Mortgage without Czech permanent residence rejected

How MOOY helped Andrei from Romania build his future in the Czech republic. Read a story of our client bellow.

With us, you simply don't wait for the bank to like you. You immediately move into your own place and prepare for a future mortgage in peace.
Who is behind MOOY?
While our clients deal with housing problems only once in a lifetime, we deal with them on a daily basis and actively seek solutions.
We are a team of professionals with experience from the world of real estate, investments, banking, financial consulting and management.
BO! holding a.s.

is a group of companies that focuses on a real estate and financial business. Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate, finance and investment business, the idea of a rent-to-own company was born and the result is MOOY. A solution that helps with the difficult situation on the real estate market and the lack of housing availability in the Czech republic and Central Europe. 

Broker Trust a.s.

with an annual turnover of over CZK 3.4 billion is the largest company in the field of financial products intermediation in the Czech Republic. It has been operating on the market since 2001. Over the last 20 years, more than 654,000 people in the Czech Republic have become clients and have concluded 1.5 million contracts. In the area of housing loans, it is the largest player on the Czech market. In 2021, the volume of mediated loans was over CZK 95 billion for 32,000 families. One in five mortgages in 2021 went through Broker Trust.


MOOY is a project of Broker Trust a.s., and BO! Holding a.s., so we have the background of the largest mortgage broker on the Czech market with a turnover of CZK 3.4 billion, 22 years of experience on the market, knowledge of financial intermediation, real estate, banking, management. MOOY is simply a strong partner with a stable background.

In the first half of 2023, we invested a total of CZK 100 million in real estate.

The property must be properly licensed and suitable for immediate occupancy.

We are interested in your ability to pay rent and your credit history. Despite problems with the bank, such as late payments, we can make arrangements with you as long as you do not have serious foreclosures and are not in bankruptcy.

Fill out a short form, we’ll get back to you within the next day to find a solution!

No, you don’t pay anything. You just need the courage to go for it.

Our solutions are individual. Fill out the short form, we will contact you and prepare a free preliminary solution offer!

The contract is for a maximum of five years.

Yes, we can discuss the possibility of subletting.

The property will be well inspected by an appraiser and an engineer. If all goes well, we can sign the contracts.

At the beginning we sign a future purchase contract with you, so you can be sure that we won’t sell the property to anyone else if you don’t want us to. On the contrary, according to the contract, we will sell the property whenever you request it.

At the beginning, along with the purchase agreement, we will also sign a future purchase agreement that clearly defines how we will settle. Your entitlement is therefore clearly contractualized.

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